Stock # Year Make Model List Remarks Floor Plan
3844 2007 Challenger Fifth Wheel 34 t l b 45,982 sage,conv pkg,sec.lights,wat pur,wash/dry prep,ext.
shower,tire kit,carb det,27"tv,wired for 2nd air,end
table,2 bar stools,2 recliner/glider,desk chair
3890 2007 Challenger Fifth Wheel 35 c k q 50,474 sage,conv pkg,sec lights,washer/dryer prep,water
purifier,tire kit,ext shower,carb det,wire and frame
for 2nd air,desk chair,end table,sink cov,2 recliner/
glider,2 bar stools

4000 2008 Challenger Fifth Wheel 34 s a q 50,353 autumn,conv pkg,sec lights,electric awning,water purif,washer/dryer pre,ext shower,undercarriage tire
kit,carb detector,create a breeze roof vent in kitchen,
wire for 2nd air,2 bar stools,end table,sinkcov,2
3876 2007 Cougar Fifth Wheel 311 r l s 36,152 summer sage,conv pkg,value pkg,camping in style,bike
rack,polar pkg,tinted glass,carb det,day/night shades,
hide a bed,2 swivel rockers
3895 2007 Cougar Fifth Wheel 289 b h s 34,627 Summer Sage,conv pkg,val pkg,polar pkg,bike rack,tinted
glass,carb det,day/night shades,hide a bed
3948 2007 Cougar Fifth Wheel 314 b h s 33,894 desert sunset,conv pkg,value pkg,camping in style,
polar pkg, bike rack,rear garage,tinted glass,carb
detector,day/night shades,hide a bed
4014 2008 Cougar Fifth Wheel 276 e f s 30,329 desert sunset,conv pkg,value pkg,camp in style pkg,
polar pkg,tinted safety glass,carb det,day/night shades,
2swivel rockers

Last updated  08/20/2007
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