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News for August and September 2007

Sales Notes:

More 2008 models are arriving daily. Some are new and very innovative floor plans. Every year RV companies seem to change the model year earlier and earlier. They often do not change anything about the units except the model year and the price. Actual changes in trailer design and decor can happen at any time. Some of our manufacturers changed decor twice in 2007. While this continuous improvement certainly keeps the brand up to date, it is a little confusing to all of us.

I just returned from the Fleetwood Folding Trailer (formerly Coleman) dealer convention. As usual, they have made a lot of improvements and refinements. We have 3 of the best in our showroom for your inspection.

The Federal Highway Administration has published a terrific map of America's Scenic highways. You can get your free copy at Just click on the free map logo on the home page. We have a few at the dealership for you to pick up.

We are running very short of used travel trailers. If you know of anyone that wants to sell their travel trailer, please have them call me.

Service Notes:

Bob Q reports that the service department is, as usual, very busy and asks anyone that needs service to call in for an appointment as far ahead as possible.

Dometic has announced a major recall of most of the refrigerators built from April 1997 to May of 2003. The recall relates to a safety defect which can cause a fire. You can call our service department for an appointment to have the recall done. For more information, go to their web site, www,

We are seeing more and more water leaks in all brands of trailers and motor homes. Please carefully inspect the roof, windows and vents to be sure they are sealed well. With any leaks, the first sign is often a mildew smell inside.

Many rubber roofs are now 12 to 15 years old which is about the life expectancy. If your RV is over 10 years old, check the rubber on the roof for deterioration or tears. The worst problems will show up at the corners.

Have a great summer, Bob Moore

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