2 Delicious Camping Hacks You Should Know

2 delicious camping hacks, not your average smores and hobos camping recipes

Cooking while you are camping is always a fun challenge because you don’t always have the usual tools. Or even if you do, you might want to find a recipe to cook in the campfire anyways—just because it is fun! Of course there is the classic roasting hotdogs over the fire, but this blog seeks to give you some camping hacks that are easy to pull off and still delicious!

1. Hobos

Hobos are delicious and easy to prep and cook. You will need aluminum foil, chopped vegetables and potatoes, and a protein of your choice. You can either prep the veggies and meat at home before you leave or at the camp site. Put the cut up vegetables and meat (for example chicken, potatoes, carrots, and onions) in a large piece of foil with a tablespoon or so of butter and salt and pepper to taste. Once you have a coal bed going in your campfire, fold up the foil into a pouch and place it in the fire. Cook time will depend on the temperature of your fire. Be sure to check that your protein is thoroughly cooked before digging in.

2. Not Your Average S’more

S’mores are so tasty but if you want something chocolaty that is a little different try this simple recipe. You will need a bag of small flour tortillas, brown sugar, and a jar of Nutella. Butter one side of two tortillas and then spread Nutella on the opposite side of one tortilla. Sprinkle brown sugar on the Nutella and then top with the other tortilla. Cook in a skillet on your camp stove or the stove top in your RV until brown sugar is melty.

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