3 Tips To Make Camping With Dogs A Great Time

3 tips to make camping with dogs a great time, picture of a man sitting on the top of a hill while hiking with his 2 dogs, camping with dogs

Here Are 3 Tips For Camping With Dogs

Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy nature – feel the breeze, smell the crisp, clean air, watch birds fly from branch to branch, hear the leaves rustle in the trees. Enjoying these sensations with your dog only makes them better.

Once you’ve found a campground that accepts dogs, these 3 simple guidelines will make camping with your dog easier for everyone:

1. Training Goes A Long Way

1. A little training goes a long way. Make sure your dog knows to stop what he’s doing and come to you when called. Your dog needs to know you’re in charge even when there’s a squirrel running around nearby.

2. Dog Should Be Fit Enough For Adventures

2. Make sure your dog is physically fit for your adventure. Just like people muscles, dog muscles become weak and don’t work as well when they’re underused. If you know you’ll be hiking a lot on your camping trip, take your dog for increasingly lengthier walks in the weeks leading up to your trip. Additionally, very young puppies are like toddlers and may not have the ability or stamina for long hikes. Plan for that by shortening your hikes or bringing a dog carrier to use for part of the hike.

3. Food, And Shelter

3. Provide food and shelter for your dog. This should go without saying. Make sure your dog has a place to sleep inside your RV or tent. You don’t want to leave him alone outside all night. Lock up his food overnight to avoid attracting scavenging animals to your campsite. Finally, make sure your dog has a continuous supply of clean water.

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