4 Winter RVing Tips That’ll Make Your Life Easier.

4 winter rving tips, picture of nature in the winter

Don’t Let RVing In The Winter Hold You Back!

As the cold weather sets in, you may be getting ready to winterize the camper and set aside your wanderlust until spring comes back around. While that is what most people do, it doesn’t have to be what you do. Winter camping can be just as much fun as summer camping, as long as you head into your adventure prepared.

Here are a 4 winter RVing tips for making your winter camping experience a breeze.

1. Heat It Up

Every modern RV comes equipped with a propane furnace. However, if you are headed to a place with electricity—and especially if you aren’t paying extra for your power usage—consider using space heaters to warm your tiny vacation home. This will save you money on propane while still keeping your RV nice and toasty.

2. Fight The Moisture

RVs of all shapes and sizes tend to accumulate moisture on the insides of windows and on the walls during the colder months. To combat these sneaky bits of water, simply invest in a dehumidifier. This will quickly rid your trailer or motorhome of that extra moisture and ensure you don’t develop mold problems down the line.

3. Be Prepared

Always pack extra blankets, coats, hats, and gloves, as well as fire-starting supplies, in case of an emergency. Additionally, it is a good idea to go into any trip with a charged battery and full propane tanks, which can provide you heat even if you end up stranded with no hook-ups.

4. Beat The Freeze

If you will be camping during freezing weather it is important to take some precautions. By emptying your tank, unhooking the sewer hose, and using a heated water hose, you can avoid a lot of problems with frozen and burst water pipes. It is also a good idea to open cabinet doors and run space heaters near them in order to get warm air to the pipes in your RV.

We hope these winter camping tips help you camp throughout the winter so you can continue making incredible memories with your family and friends.

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