5 Affordable Ways To Go Camping. You Could Be Over Spending.

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Spend Less & Camp More!

If you love to travel, you are likely always on the lookout for ways to save money while seeing the world. If you love camping, you probably already know just how much money you can save by pitching a tent or parking an RV versus booking a hotel room. However, even if you are camping, lodging can add up pretty quickly.

Because of this, we made a list of 5 Affordable Ways To Go Camping

1. Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails is an amazing camping membership program. This program offers deeply discounted camping to members and they have campgrounds in several states throughout the country. Members can choose to purchase a zone pass which offers them access to the campgrounds in a particular “zone” for a year, or they can purchase a full-fledged membership which, while more expensive, locks them in for life (or until the membership is sold) and gives them access to all Thousand Trails campgrounds.

2. Passport America

This is another amazing membership program. Passport America offers members amazing discounts at a number of campgrounds all across the United States. While the discounts are usually good only for a few nights, this is still a membership worth investing in. However, it is important to note that most parks participating in the PA program are for RV travelers only and do not accept tent campers.

3. National Parks

National parks tend to offer very affordable camping options to both tent campers and RV campers. As an added bonus, those camping in national parks will have the opportunity to camp right in the middle of some pretty incredible scenery.

4. State Parks

If you are looking for beautiful camping that tends to be even more affordable—and sometimes more comfortable—than national park camping, it is generally a good idea to check out state parks in the area. These locations tend to offer affordable camping in beautiful locations, and sometimes even offer some pretty cool amenities.

5. Boondocking

By far the cheapest way to camp, boondocking is a great way to see the country on a dime. While boondocking is generally easier to do in an RV, it is possible to do so in a tent as well. Basically, boondocking is camping on public land with no hook-ups. Some of the best places to boondock include national forests and land owned by the Bureau of Land Management. For more information on dispersed camping in these places, check out their websites.

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