5 Things to Do in Ohio This Fall

Photo courtesy of ohiofestivals.net
Photo courtesy of ohiofestivals.net

Ohio is one of the most gorgeous states to visit during the fall. Our lush summer foliage changes from green to beautiful gold, red, and brow colors that remind you it’s time to enjoy cider, pumpkin flavored treats, and family. If you’re looking for some fun fall activities, check out these ideas.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch | Head to one of the many pumpkin patches that can be found in our area. Pick out a pumpkin and carve it with the kids. As a bonus, save your seeds and toast them, then toss in cinnamon and brown sugar for an enjoyable, homemade treat. Many pumpkin patches also offer hayrides. These are particularly fun for young kids and not too expensive either.

Pick Your Own Apples | When you pick your own apples you not only get to stock up on a delicious, healthy snack and support local farmers, you also will have an ample supply of apples to create tons of homemade apple treats like apple sauce and apple butter. To boot, this provides a great educational opportunity for young children to learn where their food comes from.

Visit a Haunted House | Later in the fall you’ll find an abundance of haunted houses dot the Ohio country side. While some are pretty scary, there’s a listing of family friendly haunted houses that will give you an idea of which ones are more appropriate for kids.

Ohio Bird Sanctuary | Visit the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to the preservation of native songbirds and birds of prey in Ohio. It was founded in 1988 and offers tons of photo ops, a peaceful walk, and a great educational experience for children and adults alike.

Visit a Festival | The fall is a great time to check out one of the many festivals that occur in Ohio. From tasty fried treats to fun rides to just good old fashioned fun, you’ll love what our festivals have to offer you.

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