5 Tips For Selling Your RV

You can sometimes make a great deal when selling your RV on your own to a private party.  Here are five tips to get started on the right foot:

1)  Pricing Your RV:  If you’re the seller, call a few local dealers to determine how you should price your RV.  Chances are the quote they give you will be lower than you want, but you’ll get a good idea of what like RVs are selling for.  Check www.nadaguides.com for values, but be aware of the limitations of this site — the information is up to 6 months old and is averaged for the entire country.

2)  Prepping Your RV For Sale:  Give your RV a good once over and make necessary repairs or adjustments. Consider having your RV professionally detailed or, at minimum, clean it well inside and out.  Does your RV have a transferable warranty that is still in effect? This is an important selling point to potential buyers. If you have the operating manuals for the components, bundle those together with the RV warranty for the new buyer.  Note:  There’s a clear seasonality for the sale of RVs.  Tent Campers sell best April through June; Travel Trailers sell bet March through August; Motorhomes are hot sellers March through October.
For Sale
3)  Advertising Your RV:   Get the word out that you’re selling through free and paid services, starting with a For Sale sign posted on the RV.  Advertise in local classifieds and shopping guides. Check your local community for popular websites that allow advertising.  If you have a specialty RV or vehicle, you might consider advertising on Ebay.

4)  Showing Your RV:  Consider contacting your local Police office for their recommendation on the safest way and location
for showing your RV to prospective buyers.

5)  Receiving Payment For Your RV:  Whether your buyer is paying you cash or financing the RV, it’s a good idea to conclude your transaction with the buyer at the bank. This way, both buyer and seller are available to answer questions that may come up during the final transaction.

There are, of course, many factors and decisions to make when selling your RV.  If you have questions, Moore’s RV is happy to provide advice to private sellers.  We also can offer price evaluations and provide RV service and repair.  Or, if you decide that selling your own RV isn’t for you, we’re happy to consign your RV and take care of all the details, including buyer financing.  For more information, call Moore’s RV at  440-327-6911.

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