5 Tips When Traveling With Pets

golden retriever

If you’re like most Americans you probably have a pet that you love dearly. I know my dog and cat are a part of the family. I couldn’t imagine traveling without them. That’s one of the perks of owning an RV. You never have to worry about finding a pet friendly hotel or wonder if their barking will annoy the people in the room next door to you. RVs allow you to take your own home (and own four walls) with you wherever you go. This means you can bring fido and fluffy along with you. If you’ve never traveled with your pets your probably wondering where to get started. Here are some tips to make the transition easier.

Plan | Bring along enough food for your pets plus a couple of days extra, in case you decide to stay longer or their food spills. Pets can get upset tummies if they don’t get their normal food, so this could save you a lot of headache. Especially if you find yourself needing to shop for the brand you use and can’t find it. It’s also important to find a campground that welcomes dogs (cats aren’t usually a problem because they stay in your RV).

Area | Once you get to your campground create an space dedicated to your pet. You might want to find a closet to put the litterbox in or create a safety cove under your dinette for your dog. Animals want to feel safe and protected. Giving them their own space helps accomplish this and might even lessen their anxiety when you step out to tour your destination.

Activities | Just because you’re bringing along your dog or cat doesn’t mean you have to compromise on activities. They can stay in your RV, just make sure you either have a crate for your dog (if they’re not potty trained) and that you leave the A/C on or windows open if the weather is nice. It can get kind of stale inside if you don’t do this and stifle your pets.

Stop | When you’re on the road remember to walk your dog or let your kitty use the litterbox every time you stop. It might be tempting to get back on the road right away, but travel can be stressful, especially if your pet isn’t used to it. Let them get some fresh air, stretch their legs and decompress.

Snacks | Bring snacks for your pet to enjoy while you travel. Many won’t eat a full meal in the car, but giving them healthy, high protein snacks will keep them feeling content.

Photo Credit: By “Janneke Vreugdenhil” (“http://www.hondenpage.nl”) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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