5 Ways To Involve Your Kids In Camping


Have you ever felt that at times all the effort you put into loading the RV, towing it to your campsite, and setting up is in vain? After all, the kids are just playing on their phones, text messaging, or complaining about missing out on going to the movies with friends. More often than not, kids complain while camping because they don’t see the value, that they’re making memories with families, and they don’t feel like they really contribute. The easiest way to get your kids in the mood to camp, lighten the load on your shoulders, and keep a positive atmosphere for the whole family is to get your kids involved. Make them feel like they’re contributing.

Meal Planning | Sure, mom might want to plan the meals and make sure they’re nutritionally balanced, but one of the most fun parts of camping is enjoying comfort food. Let the kids help with meal planning by sharing what their favorite meals and desserts are. Have each child select one meal that they want to enjoy while camping and help prepare it when the time comes.

Plan Your Destination Together | Each child is sure to have different interests. Get the family together and get online to find a camping destination that has something to offer everyone. When each child has the opportunity to give input on where you go and they know something will be at the site that they’ll enjoy, they’ll be eager to get to the site. They might even help load the RV!

Create A Chore List | Give each of your children a list of chores that need be accomplished. Just because it’s vacation doesn’t mean that responsibility goes out the window. By divvying up the chores you not only get a break and are less stressed, but the children also are made accountable for how efficiently the trip runs.

Plan For A Rainy Day | There’s always a risk for rain when camping. Have each child select their favorite game and movie to bring along. That way if it rains you can alternate between everyone’s favorite games and movies. This is also a great way to keep kids entertained if they end up getting sick or if you and your spouse want to head out for a date night.

Use Their Talents | Do you have a child who is skilled at using the Internet or tools like PhotoShop? Have them help put together an online scrapbook that you can send to family and friends. Does another child play guitar or love music? They can select the soundtrack for campfires or strum the guitar around the campfire. Each child has their skills and each skill is sure to contribute to the family’s fun.

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Photo Credit: John Carver [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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