7 RVing Tips To Make Traveling With Kids Awesome

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Whether you are taking an extended winter road trip, homeschooling on the road or planning this summer’s long break, RVing with kids is a uniquely satisfying experience — with plenty of challenges.

Each stage has its own advantages and drawbacks. For example, one of the benefits of traveling with a toddler is that they don’t care about space and privacy. One of the drawbacks of traveling with a toddler is, well, that they don’t care about space and privacy.

7 RVing Tips To Make Traveling With Kids Awesome

The following are some tips and hacks for traveling with kids of all ages. From keeping them entertained to keeping them contained, here are some ways to make your next family trip more successful:

7. Finding Kid-Friendly RV Parks

Research RV parks and campsites when you are planning your route. Some parks cater more to children than others, and you’ll feel the kid-friendly (or not so friendly vibe) right away. Check to see what types of facilities are available, as well as any fun kid-oriented activities at the site or in the nearby area.

Other things you should do include researching local medical clinics and hospitals, in case your child gets sick or hurt on the road. Things happen, and you can’t be too prepared.

6. Keep Snacks Accessible

Kids get hungry and thirsty on the road. Since they will be in seatbelts and car seats during travel times, it’s a good idea to make sure each child has access to healthy snacks during the drive. Bonus points for snacks that have minimal mess potential. Think apple slices, almonds or cashews, grapes and whole-grain crackers.

Avoiding overly-sugary foods helps minimize irritability and makes for fewer bathroom stops.

With that said…

5. Plan A Stop Every 2 to 3 Hours

Adults can last on a drive much longer than children. Kids have a rough time staying seated for long periods of time, and their small bladders don’t hold up as well, either.

When planning drive time, factor in 15 to 20 minute stops every two to three hours for going to the bathroom and stretching their legs.

Speaking of stretching their legs…

4. Teach The Kids Some Simple Yoga Moves And Stretches

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to irritability and muscle tension. Everyone can benefit from some conscious stretching and breathing to help reduce road trip irritability.

3. Include Children In Trip Planning

Whether your children are preschoolers or high schoolers, involving them in trip planning can go a long way toward their own enjoyment, participation and excitement of the journey. Show them what is involved in planning routes, budgeting fuel and food and encourage them to learn about your planned destination. Perhaps let them pick out some side trips or activities.

2. Create Activity Packs

Prior to setting off on your journey, help each child compile a pack of activities to keep them busy on the road. Word searches, card games, books, coloring, music and electronics can all help the miles go by more enjoyably.

1. Keep Expectations Realistic

It’s important to keep in mind that things aren’t always going to go as planned, and that kids may simply not respond to the journey as you hope they will. From bored, unimpressed teens to irritable, hard to please toddlers, it can feel like they aren’t getting anything out of the trip. This isn’t true, however. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, kids DO get a lot out of family adventures.

Prepare as much as you can, relax and enjoy the ride. Family RV travel is a fun, comfortable and exciting way to enjoy traveling with family.

We hope you enjoyed these 7 RVing tips to make traveling with kids awesome. Feel free to share this with your friends!

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