8 Tips For Cooking In Your RV

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One of the biggest challenges for RVers is cooking in such a small space. While RV designers do a nice job of fitting everything in, RVs are much smaller than a typical home. Therefore, there is really no getting around the fact that the kitchens in these motorhomes and trailers are quite small.

If you find yourself wishing for more space in your RV kitchen, it might be time to rearrange some things and change up the way you are using your kitchen space. You might be surprised what a difference a few small changes can make.

8 Tips For Cooking In Your RV

1. Stick ‘Em Up

To get your sharp knives out of the drawer and out of the way, add a strong magnetic strip to a wall in the kitchen and stick the knives onto it. This will save your fingers from cuts, make your knives accessible while cooking, and give you a bit more drawer space to work with.

2. Wall-Mounted Plate Rack

Plates take up valuable cabinet space. Instead of letting them hog up your cabinets, try adding some wall-mounted spice racks to your RV and placing the plates in the racks. This is especially nice if you have pretty plates to show off.

3. Hanging Fruit

If you have fruit taking up counter space, get it up and out of your way with a hanging fruit basket. Fruit baskets can also be used to hold veggies and dry goods, if needed.

4. Half-Gallon Milk Jugs

Gallon milk jugs don’t fit well in RV refrigerators. However, half-gallon milk jugs actually fit quite nicely in the door shelf of an RV fringe. To save fridge space, try buying half-gallon jugs instead of full gallons of milk.

5. Organize Cabinets

A pantry filled with boxes of assorted sizes is impossible to organize properly. Instead of dealing with this pantry madness, buy several matching storage containers to keep all dry goods in. Matching containers will stack nicely and stand side-by-side in a much more orderly manner, giving you extra cabinet space to play with.

6. Hang Your Mugs

Mugs are another space-consuming item found in most RV cabinets. Get those mugs out of your cabinets by adding some teacup hooks above your sink to hang them on.

7. Use a Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are the perfect tool for RVers. Using a slow cooker means you can start dinner in the morning, go out and explore, and come home to a finished meal. Additionally, it makes cooking a lot less space-consuming and cleanup a breeze.

8. Grill Out

Occasionally, cooking inside just isn’t going to work. In these cases, a good old-fashioned cookout is perfect for getting you out of the kitchen and into the great outdoors.

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