Amazing Ways To Save On Camping In Ohio State Parks

amazing ways to save on camping in ohio, picture of people camping in a rv in ohio

If you are like many RV owners, you like to get away each and every weekend and enjoy what nature has to offer. Unfortunately, this can get really pricey, really fast.

So, how can you make camping a more affordable experience so that you and your family can go exploring more often? There are actually many ways to save on camping, but one of the very best ways is to stick to the state parks. These parks tend to have some of the lowest nightly rates and yet the most gorgeous scenery.

If the state park prices aren’t low enough for your tastes, there are a few more options for cutting rates even further. Below we have compiled a list of the best ways to save money when camping in Ohio state parks.

Amazing Ways To Save On Camping In Ohio

1. Use Your Ohio Golden Buckeye Card

The Golden Buckeye Card is issued by the state to Ohio seniors ages 60 and older, as well as disabled citizens. The bearer of a Golden Buckeye Card is entitled to a variety of discounts and benefits, including 50% off camping rates at Ohio State Parks.

Therefore, if you are a Golden Buckeye cardholder, you could be saving a good chunk of change on your camping rates.

2. Let Them Know You’re a Veteran

Ohio State Parks offer free camping to disabled veterans as well as prisoners of war. Campers must be residents of Ohio, and disabled veterans must be declared disabled by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. If you meet all of these requirements, be sure to bring proof of such on your next camping trip in order to receive your campsite at no charge.

3. Order a “Passport America” Card

Passport America is a camping club that gives cardholders 50% off camping rates at a number of campgrounds across the country. Many Ohio State Parks are included in their list of participating members, and will give Passport America cardholders a full 50% discount on stays Sunday through Thursday. This is a great way to receive deep discounts even if you don’t qualify for the discounts mentioned above.

We hope you enjoyed these Amazing Ways To Save On Camping In Ohio. Feel free comment below & share this with your friends!

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