Camping Hacks That’ll make You Look Genius

camping hacks, picture of campers using foam tiles in their tent for added comfort

Be The Camping Genius With These Camping Hacks

Many people will tell you that camping is all about roughing it. While this is true, there are some easy camping hacks you can use that will make you look like a genius. But Why?

You’ll look like a genius because these camping hacks use simple, everyday items to make your camping trip more comfortable. These camping hacks include:

  • Make your tent floor more comfortable by using foam floor tiles
  • Strap a head lamp on a jug of water to fill your tent with ambient light
  • Remember to take a pack of strike away matches with you. Glue sandpaper to the top of your pack of matches so they’re easier to light
  • Taking spices with you to use on your food? Save up your old Tic Tac candy containers to store these spices in
  • Create single use packets of toothpaste or antibiotic ointment by cutting up a straw and filling them with these products. Have an old prescription bottle you don’t need anymore? Put some band aids and these single use antibiotic ointment packets inside them and you have a quick first aid kit
  • Need your coffee in the mornings? You can make single pack servings by placing coffee inside of a coffee filter then tying it shut with a piece of dental floss
  • Use an old belt and some hooks to create a place for hanging your pots and pans. Simply buckle the belt around a tree and you’re in business

Do you have some camping hacks you would like to share? We would love hear them in the comments below!

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