Create More Space in Your RV with these Living Room Storage Hacks

Finding more room for storage in your RV is essential when packing everything you need for an extended trip or vacation. Since you are likely packing and unpacking when leaving or arriving at your destinations, you need an easy way to know where everything goes and fits.

Fifth-Wheel Interior
Using these tips will maximize the living room storage of your RV.

Luckily, there are some effortless things you can do in the living room space of your motorhome, fifth-wheel, or travel trailer to keep things organized and give everything a proper location. Here are a few inexpensive, but effective, storage hacks for your RV living room:

  • Velcro: Some of the easiest things to lose when traveling are the television/DVD player remotes. These are small items that can slide around easily while traveling. By adding a piece of Velcro to the back of each remote and the opposing side of the Velcro to the wall, you will have a simple location for these items that will be out of the way and secure during travel.

    Simply using Velcro can create storage space.
  • Magazine Holder: Magazine holders are a great way to store items like books, newspapers, children’s coloring books, or movies. These holders can be hung up on the wall of your camper to save space in the cabinets.
  • Square Containers: There are many types of camping containers you can get, but the best way to use all of the space in your living room cabinets is with square containers. These will slide next to each other perfectly, so every inch of your storage is used.
  • Shoe Organizers: Similar to the magazine holder is the shoe organizer. These can be cut to fit in smaller spaces such as along the base of the living room sofa, and you can keep small items like shoes, kitchen tools, and much more in them for easy access and increased organization.

All of these storage hacks will simply make your RV life stress free, so when you are camping, you will not need to leave anything at home. Plus, everything will be easier to find.

To start using these hacks, contact us to find out what type of camper will be best for you and your family. Or you can just stop by our location, and we’ll make sure you find the RV of your dreams to start taking your vacations.


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