4 Camping Recipe Ideas For Your Daily Menu

4 camping recipe ideas, picture of 4 different camping recipe ideas, top picture of crescent dogs then tin foil mean then eggs in a bag and last a banana boat

These 4 Camping Recipe Ideas Are Genius

Camping is a wonderful way to log out from your digital life and reconnect with friends, family, and nature. The added benefit of RV camping is no hard ground to sleep on and more cooking options. Make your next RV adventure into a memorable food journey with these 4 camping recipe ideas that’ll make you look genius.

1. Breakfast – Eggs In A Bag

If you enjoy eggs for breakfast, you don’t have to go without them while you are camping. You can make them as eggs in a bag over the fire. If the weather is looking a little rough around the edges, simply make eggs and bacon as you would at home. Learn How To Make Eggs In A Bag

2. Lunch – Crescent Dogs

You can go the traditional route of sandwiches if your day has you enjoying a hike. However, if you are staying close to your site for lunch consider making crescent dogs over the fire. Rainouts don’t have to cancel the want for these as you can easily make them on a small camping stove or the stove in your RV. Learn How To Make Crescent Dogs

3. Dinner – Traditional Foil Meal

This is the perfect time for a camping tradition the foil meal. The best part of these meals is every person can create their own meal. These meals easily transfer to a skill if the weather doesn’t play nice. Learn How To Make 25 Camping Foil Meals

3. Snack – Banana Boats

No camping trip menu is complete without a night snack. You can go with the traditional smores. To create a more genius take, purchase some bananas, chocolate chips, and small marshmallows (the kind that you use in hot chocolate) and create ooh gooey banana boats. Learn How To Make Delicious Banana Boats

We hope you enjoyed these 4 camping recipe ideas and feel free to share them with your friends!

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