Have You Winterized Your RV?

winterWinter is fast approaching the Buckeye State. Are you prepared to protect your RV from the bitter weather of winter? Many RVers don’t realize the threat improper winterization poses to their RV. Inappropriate winterization can account for thousands of dollars worth damage including cracked pipes, tubes, and plumbing. With our over 90 years combined experience in the RV industry we have seen thousands of RVers make the mistake of improperly winterizing their RV and literally pay for it during the spring.

Our factory trained technicians bring the experience necessary to winterize your RV and protect it from the harshness of winter. During the winterization process our team will drain all of your holding tanks and any water that could freeze in your plumbing. We also push non toxic antifreeze (pink antifreeze) rated at a minimum of -50 degrees fahrenheit through your plumbing system, down drains, and through toilets to ensure ample protection for your RV.

Contact our RV service team to learn more about the winterization services we provide. While we take care of the more difficult tasks there are plenty of things you can do to protect your RV through the winter. Washing and waxing your RV before you put it away for the winter ensures it doesn’t have a buildup of grime that could ruin your paint job. Detailing the interior of your RV is important to remove any food that could spoil over time or invite pests who might try to make a home in your RV.

We also offer RV storage to RVers who need a safe, secure place to store their RV over the winter.

Our current 2012/2013 storage rates are:

Daily rate

Pay at Pickup


Monthly rate

Pay at Pickup


Six-month rate

Pay at Pickup


Six-month rate

Pay in Advance



Contact us to learn more about how we can take the guess work out of winterization. Our team will take the time to listen to your needs and care for your RV like it is their own, so you can rest easy as you start to plan for the next camping season.


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