Heading South For The Winter

Temperatures are dropping fast and (can you believe it?!) there’s even been word of snow in some Canadian provinces. Which can only mean one thing: the Snowbirds are taking flight  — or hitching up and heading out, as the case may be.

Photo via Flickr, Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge
Photo via Flickr, Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge

Winter-weary and ready for some sun, snowbirds are a population of RVers who have wisened up to the woes of snow shoveling. With tropical destinations in sight, the settling of the snowbirds for the season alter the lives of locals…usually for the better. It’s estimated that populations in Florida can grow up to 20% during snowbird season, and the economic impact is in the billions. That’s a big, and much appreciated, boost to local economies.

While snowbirds enjoy the warmer weather, and local restaurants and shops enjoy the business, the season isn’t without its downfall. Traffic congestion, booked up camp sites, and some sleazy businesses who try to scam snowbirds can put a damper on the journey. But generally the overall experience of flying south for the winter is a positive experience for snowbirds and Southerners alike.

Working out a plan to head south for the winter takes a little extra consideration than just weekend trips to the lake. Making sure your home is closed up properly, managing prescriptions and medical care, and arranging for mail forwarding is just the tip of the iceberg for preparations. But, with some extra planning, it’s an iceberg you’ll be driving away from soon on your way to tropical sunsets.

If you want to trade in your snow boots for some flip flops, then visit our Ridgeville, OH location today to take a look at our newest arrivals! And if you’ve already got plans to head south this winter, don’t forget to add a stop to our service department before you hit the road. Our staff will make sure your RV is in top condition for the sunny days ahead of you.

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