How To: Camping With Dogs During A Night Hike

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Camping With Dogs During A Night Hike Advice

Night hikes can be one of the coolest camping activities out there, especially when you’re camping with dogs. Nature reveals aspects at night that aren’t present during the day! The stars. It’s the perfect time for families to find the Big and Little Dipper and other constellations together. The moon. Hikes when the full moon is out can be dazzling. You can see the dappled beauty and yet everything is peaceful and still.

You can also see animals that don’t come out during the day. If your RV is near a place where owls nest, take a hike to see them. They are awesome creatures whose faces and flight are unforgettable. Even bats are really interesting, and can usually only be seen at night.

Just make sure everyone is safe at night, including your dog.

Safety at night means visibility. If you are walking from a car to the trailhead, your whole family needs to be seen. Wear reflective clothing, bands, or footwear and of course carry a flashlight so you can see where you’re walking. Make sure another car or even a bike on the road or in a parking lot can see you.

Don’t leave your dog out of the “wear things to be seen” mix. A dog – especially a tiny one — stands an equal chance of being hit by a car or bike as the rest of your family. They can suffer injury or even death. Therefore, think about getting a LED collar that can be seen brightly and from a significant distance away for your dog.

And then enjoy the moon, the owls, and the stars.

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