Lightweights: Changing The Way We RV

In the past, the size of your tow vehicle determined the size RV you could choose from. Drive a mid-size SUV? Then get used to a pop-up. But in the last few years, there’s been a shift in design that’s focused on building RVs with the space and amenities of a fifth wheel, packed into an easily towed trailer.


Lightweight travel trailers have redefined the boundaries of RVing. Now, it’s not necessary to upgrade from your mid-size SUV to get an RV with more space. Today’s lightweight travel trailers are spacious, some offering the room to sleep up to seven guests. And thanks to the use of lighter composite material and aerodynamic designs, lightweight travel trailers are easier on your tow vehicle, which means lower fuel cost to you.

With a lightweight travel trailer, weight does not mean compromising comfort. You’ll still get the luxuries of solid surface countertops, plush, bonded leather sofas, and, in many trailers, a queen-sized bed, just in a lighter trailer that will make travel in a smaller tow vehicle easier.

If you’re not convinced that a lightweight will give you the conveniences of a larger trailer? Take a look at the 2015 Keystone RV Cougar X-Lite 28DBI Fifth Wheel. At 30′ and with the space to sleep seven, this is a lightweight trailer for hosting the whole family. And with a dry weight of 7,795 lbs, it can easily be towed by a half-ton truck.

Keystone Cougar X-Lite

Don’t need that many beds but still want the spaciousness that a larger travel trailer offers? Check out the 2015 Keystone RV Cougar X-Lite 28SGS. At 30 feet and with a dry weight of 7,561 pounds, you’ll still get the benefits of a lightweight travel trailer, but with the capacity to sleep four, you’ll get more room devoted to living space.

Still unsure if a lightweight travel trailer is for you? Give us a call and we’ll answer your questions. Or better yet, stop by the dealership and we’ll show you around our newest arrivals!

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