How To Make RV Trip Planning Easier

By Šarūnas Burdulis from USA (A Walk in the Woods Uploaded by GiW) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Šarūnas Burdulis from USA (A Walk in the Woods Uploaded by GiW) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Planning an RV vacation takes much thought and preparation. How you approach your planning can make your trip the best one yet, or cause extreme frustration. Whether you’re planning a trip across the country or looking to head to your favorite local state park, following these tips can help make the planning process move smoothly so you can simply enjoy your time with family and nature.

Checklists | Create checklists that are unique to your family and organized according to each person coming along. These might include that person’s favorite pillow, any medications they need, foods they enjoy, and “must have” clothing items. Keeping a list for each person is a great way to make sure nothing is forgotten and each person feels important during the packing process.

Entertainment | Plan for entertainment while you’re driving to your destination. This might include bringing along card games, playing road games, or even taking a portable DVD player with your family’s favorite movies for everyone to enjoy. The key is to stay busy, particularly if you have teenagers! There’s also nothing wrong with encouraging your kids to bring along their own entertainment, but because this is family time you’ll want to make sure they don’t spend the entire drive in their own world.

Something For Everyone | When you’re considering the types of activities to plan for your trip make sure you choose at least one activity each person will enjoy – that way they’ll be more patient when trying activities they might not be too excited about and also get to share something they enjoy with the rest of the family.

Bring A Video Camera | A video camera will allow you to document your adventures and share them with friends when you get back. And because technology offers a range of video cameras that are compact, but offer incredible picture and sound quality, you won’t have to worry about having to find space for it. If you’re planning on rigorous activities like white water rafting or rock climbing try checking out the Go Pro Hero – a waterproof camera meant to handle rough situations.

Breathe | Take some time to just breathe. Sit around the campfire and talk about your favorite memories with your family. Enjoy a messy s’more or roast hot dogs. Just taking time to relax and not make everything a chore can truly make a difference in how your family experiences and relates to your vacation. If you have to, schedule relaxation time into your vacation plan so you don’t forget to do it! With our lives typically so busy it’s sometimes hard to slow down while on vacation and you end up finding yourself needing a vacation from your vacation.

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