Make Shower Time While Camping Easier With These Tips.

shower time while camping, picture of a camping shower house

Family camp-outs are by far one of the greatest memories a family can create together. However, there are a few times during your outing that become stressful and shower time is one of them. At home, families have ready access to all their shampoos and soaps in a single bathroom. At campgrounds with shower houses, families are separated by gender and have to use individual shower rooms. This creates two problematic scenarios, first, families must shower one at a time in order to share toiletries, which take extended periods of time. The second problem is that things are constantly being left behind.

Try these shower time camping tips to make your experience a little more stress free.

1. Shower Lanyard

Put together a shower lanyard for each member of your family. Attached to the lanyard is a mini bottle of each person’s preferred shampoo, body wash, face wash, loofa, and toothbrush. It hangs easily from shower heads or shower bars.

2. Single Use Soap Bars

Create single-use bars of soap with a potato peeler and a regular sized bar of soap. This way you can give a piece each person before they go for a shower and never have to worry whether it comes back.

3. Single Use Toothpaste Packs

The same idea goes for single-use toothpaste packs. At home, cut up straws into one-inch pieces, use a lighter to close one end. Fill with toothpaste and close the other end using the same method.

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