RV Camping Hacks: 4 Tips for Maximizing Your RV Adventure

Whether you’re just starting your camping journey or a veteran of the road, you are always looking for ways to improve your vacationing experience.  Once you’ve found the perfect fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motor home for sale at Moore’s RV, you’ll want to hit the road as soon as possible!  We’ve compiled a list of 4 fantastic RV camping hacks from seasoned campers to help you get the most out of your next RV adventure!

Research and Book Ahead!

Often one of the best steps you can take to making your vacation easier is just doing a little research before you’re out the door.  Most RV campgrounds have a website that will allow you to make sure it has all the amenities you need.  It’s a good idea to check out a map of the grounds so that if you’re arriving after dark, you’re less likely to get lost on the way to your site.
PRO TIP:  “Most campgrounds offer discounts for booking online or in advance!” -Adam, 40

Travel Tips - Book Ahead
It never hurts to do a little research!

Don’t Forget the Paper Maps

GPS can often get you where you’re going without a hitch, but it’s a good idea to keep a set of maps in the glove box, just in case!  Paper maps may be outdated, but they can be a lifesaver when you find yourself in a location without reliable cell service.
PRO TIP: “Don’t forget the compass, too!  Most smartphones will come with a compass app already installed, but it’s still a good idea to pack one with your old-timey maps.”  -Jim, 31

Travel Tips - Paper Maps
Don’t leave home without a back-up plan!

Furry Friends

Traveling with pets can be a major headache without proper preparation.  Whenever you’re on the road, keep the pet in the cab with you.  It is never safe to leave them in the RV while you’re on the road.  Small pets should travel in a carrier in the cab, they’ll feel safer being in a small space, and you won’t risk them distracting you on the road.  For larger pets, there are a wide variety of car-safe harnesses you can use to keep them strapped in, but comfortable on the road.
PRO TIP: “Invest in a pet-ramp or stairs, so it’s easier for your four-footed friends to get in and out of the RV.” -Kate, 26

Travel Tips - Furry Friends
You won’t have to leave your furry friends behind!

Meal Prep!

You can save yourself so much hassle by just prepping your meals ahead of time!  Plan out what meals you want and then prep everything before you ever leave the house.  It will make your vacation care-free and clean up a breeze; plus, it’ll just require a bit of chopping and packaging.
PRO TIP: “Cut up veggies and fruit to stock up your fridge for easy snacks and refreshments throughout the day.” -Bridget, 53 
Now that you’ve got your next vacation planned, it’s time to find the perfect RV!  Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome that fits your family’s needs to a tee!

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