RV Tips: 5 Things You Should Know About Your Fresh Water Hookup

If you’re new to RVing or a veteran who is looking for tips on how to maintain and care for your RV, then you’ll appreciate these tips on how to clean and maintain your fresh water tank. Too often, RVers forget about the simple steps they can take to help keep their water systems working well and free of contaminates. Follow these simple steps to keep your RVs tank clean and working properly.

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Use a Proper Hose 

When purchasing your fresh water hose, be sure to hose that is qualified for use for drinking water.  A regular garden hose is not safe to drink water from, so you will need to purchase a specialized hose like the AquaFresh hoses for sale in our catalog. These offer up to 160 PSI!

Water Hose

Color Coding

You want to be sure you’ll avoid ever mixing up the black or grey water hoses with your fresh water hose.  That’s why color-coding your hoses is essential.  Choose a white hose for the fresh water, black for your black water tank, and any other color for grey water.

Color Coding Hoses

Clean Before Hooking Up 

A great tip from a veteran RVers that will give you peace of mind about your fresh water: clean the spigot before hooking up your hose. You never know if the camper before you may have used the wrong hose or hooked up their black water tank to the fresh water spigot for a rinse.  The safest bet is to clean the head with bleach spray and then turn on the water and let it run until the bleach smell is gone. This will also clean the line of any old water that has been sitting there since the last camper left.

Water Hookup

Sanitize Your System

Regularly sanitizing your system is essential to your clean water supply.  You can look up tutorials on how to properly clean your system, or contact your dealer and schedule regular maintenance on your RV’s water system.

Change Your Water Filters (Water from Tap)

When your RV is being serviced you have them change the water filters, or you can do it yourself.  Ask your dealer to ensure you purchase the right type of filters for your system.  They can also help you properly install the filters to ensure they are working well and keeping your water system clean!

Using these RV tips you can keep your fresh water tank sparkling clean and enjoy fresh water every day. If you’re looking for a new RV, browse our fifth wheels, travel trailers, and motorhomes for sale at Moore’s RV. Contact us today for more information.

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