Simplify Your RV Cleaning Routine

Spray_BottleCleaning your RV is one of the joys of RV ownership. It provides you with a sense of accomplishment to know you’re taking care of a purchase that brings much joy, fun, and adventure to your life. While there’s a plethora of cleaning supplies available, some for windows, others for toilets or showers, you probably would rather save the space it takes to store all those supplies, and use it to bring along something else (say an extra pair of shoes or a well stocked emergency kit).

One of the best ways to save space and money on cleaning supplies is to find a couple of staple items that can take the place of three or four items. Enter vinegar, baking soda, and natural dishwashing liquid. Vinegar acts as a natural killer of bacteria and quickly eats away at any grease or soap scum you might encounter while cleaning. By mixing a 1:1 ratio of water to vinegar in a simple spray bottle you can safely clean windows, mirrors, countertops, and showers. While some dislike the smell of vinegar it’s only temporary and disappears once the vinegar mixture is dry. Plus, breathing vinegar is better than breathing bleach!

Natural dishwashing liquid used independent of vinegar is another staple for cleaning your RV. This can be used to clean the inside or outside of your RV. Simply mix a few drops into warm water and use a rag to clean up what you need. Natural dishwashing liquid doesn’t have any of the additives or dyes you find in other dishwashing liquids, so you don’t have to be concerned about this staining your fabric or carpets. If you find yourself having a hard time removing a particularly tough stain or tar on your RV, try mixing baking soda with a little vinegar. The foaming action will work away even the toughest dirt and save you the hassle of having to use elbow grease.

Other than downsizing your cleaning supplies, an added bonus to using these two versatile cleaning materials is that it saves you money. No more buying expensive brand name cleaners. Vinegar and natural dish soap get the job done for a quarter of the price. You’ll also love using these cleaners because they don’t let off any of the harmful fumes you find in other cleaners. These cleaners are safe for use around children and pets so your vacation can truly be enjoyed without you having to worry about hurting those you love the most.

Choosing to ‘go green’ when it comes to your cleaning supplies allows you to care for your RV, without breaking the bank or having to find space to store your supplies. While many think commercial cleaners do a better job than au natural, take the challenge and see for yourself just how powerful a little dishwashing liquid, vinegar, and baking soda can be!


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