Spring Activities in Ohio

cedar point

We’ve had a long winter up here in the midwest. if you’re tired of looking at the white powdery stuff, chances are you’re either planning a spring RV trip or at least looking for some spring activities to enjoy with your family. Our list of Ohio spring activities will keep you busy and get you ready for all the fun and adventures you’re going to have this summer.

Cedar Point | Cedar Point opens on May 9, 2015. With 365 acres of roller coasters, rides and delicious food. Whether you’ve got young children who want to spend time in Planet Snoopy or want to enjoy time at Soak City Waterpark, you’ll love the options available to you. There’s so much to do, chances are you’ll want to make this a two day trip.

Kings Island | Located 24 miles northeast of Mason, Ohio, Kings Island is pretty much the same size as Cedar Point (364 acres) and offers the same fun and adventure as Cedar Point, but further south. That’s one of the best parts of living in Ohio, we’ve got so many awesome theme parks to visit.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | Do you enjoy rock music? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Columbus is the perfect place to learn the story behind some of your favorite rock bands and view priceless memorabilia. This museum is here to preserve and promote the difference that rock has made and will continue to make in our world.

Deer Creek | Deer Creek is a gorgeous lodge nestled in the woods. If you enjoy hunting, fishing, biking and golfing, but aren’t quite pull the RV out to head to a campground, then this is the next best thing. They’re offering a discount for guests during spring break and even feature pet friendly cabins.

Mushroom Hunting | From April through May you can spend time hunting for mushrooms in many of our Ohio State Parks. If you enjoy using mushrooms in your cooking and want to discover more about how they grow and where they come from, you’ll love mushroom hunting.

Photo Credit: By tracy the astonishing (Cedar Point  Uploaded by Astros4477) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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