Tailgating in Your RV: Tis The Season

rv tailgating

Tis the season for college football, which means you’re probably planning a ton of tailgating parties to enjoy with friends and family. One of the best parts of owning an RV is being able to take your tailgating anywhere without compromising on comfort, space, or amenities. You can cook up all of your favorite tailgating foods, make drinks, and relax with inside and outside entertainment all thanks to your RV.

Tailgating in your RV takes just a little planning. It’s important to know where you plan to tailgate, what types of amenities are available, and any rules that might apply to those who are tailgating.

Most college stadiums allow for RVers to tailgate. This is a great way to get in on the action and enjoy bonding with other fans. If you’re planning on spending time at the stadium be prepared to carry out your trash and work without power hookups or dump stations. You’ll need a generator to power your RV or should bring along a grill and cooler. Several stadiums allow RVers to set up the Thursday or Friday before the game, to avoid having to navigate through traffic and even let you stay through Sunday. This allows you to easily arrive and leave, without fighting through narrow parking spaces and cramped parking lots.

When it comes to packing food, you’ll want to make sure you pack not just enough for your group, but plenty to share. If you’re new to tailgating as an RVer you’ll quickly discover that the time you spend at games will be spent socializing with everyone around you. Food is something that brings everyone together, which is why having enough to share is a great way to make new friends.

If you’re planning on using a refrigerator, start it several hours before the game and load it with already cooled items. This will ensure your perishable goods will stay cool the entire time.

It’s also smart to bring along items that most wouldn’t think about. This time of the year the sun is still strong. Bring sunscreen to avoid getting burnt. While you wait for the game bring cornhole or a football to play with friends.

If you’re an Ohio State fan you’ll want to check out the Ohio State Buckeyes official tailgating rules to learn more about restrictions and requirements.

Tailgating is one of the best parts of the fall season. You’ll love coming together with other fans and cheering on your team all from the comfort of your RV.

Photo Credit: gamedayr.com


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