Thanksgiving Games to Enjoy on the Road

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This week is the busiest travel time of the year. That means that at some point this week you are probably loading the kids up and planning on heading to grandma and grandpa’s to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. With all that time in the car, the kids are liable to go mad. To help prevent this we put together a list of some fun road games to enjoy.

Scavenger Hunt

Put together a list of fairly common items the kids would expect to find.  This might includes tires, deer, a type of tree. You can even get super creative and group your list according to car makes and models, which is particularly useful for older kids.


I-Spy is fun for adults and children! You know how it goes. Fix your eyes on a specific item and call out “I spy with my little eye…” Each person in the car then has to guess where what you’re looking for it.

License Plate Game

Give the kids a map of the United States and have them look for license plates for as many states as they can. To ensure they stay occupied and don’t get bored of looking for license plates have them color the map with crayons.


When it comes to playing games in the car, minimalism is key. That’s why tic-tact-toe is the perfect way to keep kids entertained, without needing a lot of extra stuff to drag around. Use crayons and plain white paper, so the kids don’t mark up the car. If you want you can create a tournament and give away prizes to whoever wins.

DVD Case Coloring

Using a DVD case put colored pencils on one side and sheets of paper on the other. Boom! Instant coloring case to keep stuff organized. Be sure to clip your paper sheets to the side that holds the DVD insert.

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