The Season For Cold Weather Camping Is Here

Most of the country is slowly succumbing to the cold that sweeps across the nation this time of year. While many RVers slow down around this time of the year or head south for warmer weather, a select few will decide to use their RV during the winter. Although camping in below freezing temperatures doesn’t initially seem appealing, you would be surprised at the peace and calm it affords to those who dare to try it out.

Camping during the winter does require more planning than summer camping, namely because of the threat it poses to freezing holding tanks. Most RVs are not completely equipped to survive winter camping, which is why you need to prep your RV. If prepping your RV doesn’t sound appealing you can also simply winterize your RV and use your it without the plumbing.

If you choose to set up your RV for winter camping there are three integral things you need to do.

Skirting | The debate on whether to skirt your RV or not to skirt still remains within the RV industry. By skirting your RV you’re not doing any harm to the RV. You’re essentially creating a barrier from the wind, which prevents your holding tanks from freezing. When cold wind flows under your RV it lowers the temperature which freezes holding tanks. Check out this video on skirting your RV.


Heating Lamps | Set up heating lamps under your RV directed at your holding tanks to ensure they do not freeze. Do not, under any circumstances, use space heaters to heat under your tank and this poses a significant fire risk.

Interior Set Up | Make sure your mattress seal is airtight and does not allow air to flow up (this can be prevent by skirting). By packing additional blankets and warm clothing you can layer and save money on heating costs.

Although cold weather and camping don’t seem to go together try it out. You’ll be surprised at the peace you feel when enjoying nature without the crowds, bugs, and heat of summer. If you’re looking for an RV that you don’t have to prepare for winter camping stop by and view our selection of new and used RVs. We’ll help you find the best RV for all your camping needs.


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