What are Ultra Lite Travel Trailers and Why are they so Popular?

Are you looking for a way to make traveling with your family easier? With an RV, you can bring along your living quarters wherever you go, so everywhere can be a vacation spot. Once you start shopping around for a camper, you will find that there are many different kinds such as motorhomes, fifth wheels, or travel trailers.

Ultra Lite Travel Trailers
Ultra Lite Travel Trailers have everything in a lighter weight package!

Each of these RVs will have features that make them unique, so by looking into all of them, you can find the one that fits your needs the best. For instance, there is a subgroup of travel trailers in a class called Ultra Lite trailers that weigh less than other traditional RV options.  Here are few examples of why Ultra-Lite trailers are such a sought after vehicle:

  • Easier-to-Tow: Many larger campers will require a larger vehicle like a big truck in order to pull it, but the lower weight class of the Ultra Lites allow them to be pulled by smaller cars like minivans, SUVs, and even some regular sized passenger cars. This way, you will not have to worry about getting a new vehicle just to pull your RV.
  • Better Fuel Economy: There are many factors that make Ultra Lites better on your gas mileage. First, the smaller towing weight allows your car to not have to work as hard to pull it, so you will get more miles to the gallon. Plus, many of these campers are built to be more aerodynamic to lower wind resistance for even better gas mileage.
  • More Affordable: Even though Ultra Lites do not compromise on amenities or on quality, they will have a smaller price tag than many other options. Therefore, you can get a great camper without blowing your budget to do it.
Ultra Lite Travel Trailer Interior
Lower weight…Same beautiful and comfortable interior!

Strictly speaking, the main difference between an Ultra Lite trailer and other RVs is the weight of the vehicle, but with a lower weight comes many other features that set them apart. We would love to show you all of these features, so feel free to contact us or come to our location! We will take you on a tour of all of the RVs on our lot to make sure you go home with the one that fits all of your needs.

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