Great Tips For Using RV Holding Tanks

tips for using rv holding tanks, picture of a guy dumping his rv holding tanks at a dump station.

With camping season just around the corner and a nice RV sitting in storage, you are probably itching to get out into nature. However, it’s important that you fully understand how to properly care for your RV’s internal systems before you begin your adventures.

For instance, the black- and gray-water holding tanks on an RV can be quite touchy when it comes to their upkeep. In order to ensure clogged drain pipes and smelly tanks don’t ruin your next camping trip, read this article for some basic tips and tricks on taking care of your holding tanks.

1. Invest in Tank Cleaner

Let’s face it, waste water is stinky. In order to combat that stink, make sure to purchase and pack some tank cleaner. This will keep your camper smelling fresh throughout your trip.

2. Leave the Black Tank Closed

Unless you want to deal with a horrific black tank clog, make sure to keep the dump valve on your black tank closed until the tank is at least half-full. This will ensure all solid waste is flushed away and nothing builds up on the bottom of the tank.

3. Invest in Rapid-Dissolving RV Toilet Tissue

It may seem silly to spend extra on something like camper-specific toilet tissue, but trust us when we say it is well with the extra money when you aren’t dealing with the clogs the other stuff can cause.

4. Dump After Every Trip

Before you head back home after a weekend of camping, make a stop to dump and rinse your holding tanks in order to ensure they will be fresh for the next trip. A tank full of waste water may smell bad right now, but that is nothing compared to the smell you will have to endure later if you put the RV away without dumping and cleaning the tanks.

By properly caring for your tanks, you will almost certainly have plenty of stink- and mess-free camping trips in the months ahead.

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